Bluetooth Mobile Printer – what you need to know

When it comes to buying a mobile printer which is Bluetooth capable of wireless data transfer there are a few important things which you must know.  Find out more below.

To start with the first problem people tend to have is self-inflicted but is also partially to blame on both Amazon and the printer’s manufacturer (either Canon or HP basically).  Essentially they purchase a product which is labeled as Bluetooth when this statement is far closer to Bluetooth-ready.  Almost no printers actually come ready to print wire free – just like none of them come actually transportable (they don’t arrive with batteries).  They arrive very much as stationary and wired devices and it’s up to you to recognize this by reading through the small print on their sales’ pages.

If you want your device to be actually operational from a wireless perspective then you need to be willing to fork out the extra money for an adapter.  These are necessary for your Bluetooth printer to operate and arrive in two forms – either as a Compact Flash card or a dongle.  This doesn’t mean you get a choice because they’re device specific which has two important ramifications.  Firstly they’re very expensive and you can expect to be paying around 40-70 dollars – but if you use websites such as Ebay you can get them cheaper, especially if your model is older.  Secondly it means you don’t get a choice of either dongle or card because there’s only one per device.

When it comes to installation you need to recognize that there are essentially three different types based upon the two different possible adapters.  The first is to have the card slotted into the device which is usually a good option because it’s out of harm’s way.  Secondly if you have a dongle you can either plug it into the side of the printer which is true in most cases – or occasionally for Canon’s latest mobile devices you’ll get a chance to mount it within the device.  This is the best of both worlds really because it means that you can protect your device far easier but still have the durability of the dongle – Compact Flash cards are far more prone to snapping and if you’ve just forked out 70 dollars that’s not something you’re going to want to happen anytime soon.

The next thing you need to make sure is that your connecting unit – either a laptop, tablet, PDA or smart phone has Bluetooth and that all the drivers between the two are compatible.  When it comes to these types of Mobile Bluetooth Printer both HP and Canon do a really good job as to making everything compatible in my opinion.  The same can’t be said of some of HP’s other printers, but we’re not focusing in on that at the moment – and for this situation then the chances are everything will be absolutely fine.

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