Bluetooth Mobile Photo Printers – high resolution, low weight

I think in most cases you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how wireless portable printers are able to use both Bluetooth and create high resolution photographs.  Find out more below.

People tend to have a lot of misconceptions about portable printers, which is understandable because they’re relatively new on the scene in the technology world.  They assume they’re just like their stationary wireless counterparts which are limited by having to connect to wireless access points, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

They almost all utilize Bluetooth and many don’t even come with the option for standard wireless connections.  Some people don’t like this, and although I’d agree that both are best there’s no denying that Bluetooth is by far the most useful for printing on the move.

Practically everything has Bluetooth installed nowadays – whether we’re talking phones, smart phones, internet tablets, PDAs, laptops – most mobile devices which you would want to print from are capable of wireless connectivity wherever you are.  You’re not limited by wandering around trying to find a wireless access point, you’re truly free to pick and choose as you wish.

One of the great things about mobile wireless inkjet photo printer devices is that almost all of them come with the ability to print of high resolution photographs.  This doesn’t apply to thermal based devices, but these make up the absolute minority of products.  Most are based on inkjet technology and as such they’re more than able to print to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch resolution.  This allows printing of a variety of different photograph sizes to very high quality standards and you’d be hard pressed to actually differentiate from your photographs and those you’d pick up from a store.

I would say there are two main disadvantages to printing of photos, with the first being that although the resolutions are generally very good, the printing speeds can be very slow.  Now admittedly you are getting portable printers which are capable of producing photos in 60 seconds, but this is generally in low quality mode and obviously you’re going to want to take full advantage of all your dots.  Some devices aren’t so bad and you can end up waiting perhaps 90-120 seconds, but for others you can be there for a good 3-5 minutes so it does vary a lot.

For me this wouldn’t be a big deal at all because I’m neither particularly busy or impatient, but seeing as this is aimed at business people who are perhaps a little more pressed for time than the rest of us I generally get frustrated emails from people who simply don’t feel like they should have to wait when they’re paying 200 dollars for the wireless mobile photo printer and then another 200 dollars for everything to make it wireless and mobile.

The costs can be quite extensive, it’ll set you back around 40-70 dollars for wireless adapters such as Bluetooth and those which connect to wireless access points.  When it comes to the lithium-ion batteries which you’ll need for true transportability you’re looking at around 100-120 dollars. These aren’t comparably such a rip-off because this is pretty much the standard price for batteries based on rare earth metals.

On the other hand I think 40-70 dollars (which is a very standard price range) is exceedingly expensive, and perhaps you need to ask yourself if portable photo printers are worth it – or if you want to line the pockets of someone who’s just put together a few tiny chipboards in a usb dongle.

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