So which is the Best Wireless Portable Printer?

I think if you’re searching for which is best wireless portable printer you need to really define yourself. You see, with these devices, there are only a few models on the market today that can do everything a normal desktop printing unit can.

For example, there are some portable photo printers that are limited to only printing of photos.  To many people, that would be a needless accessory – but to the right person that would be the best portable printing unit in the world.  As I said above, there are few wireless portable printers that can do everything – but there is a wireless portable printer to suit everyone’s needs.  What do I mean by this?  I mean for a college student there’s a small wireless portable printer that can fit into his rucksack and print of hundreds of A4 sheets of black and white text for when he needs it.  To him, that’s the not only a great mobile printer, it’s actually also a very cheap one – so to him it is the best printer.

Lets contrast that with a business executive who has prefer wireless printers for laptops that can do all the song and dance. He has it in his car and so can print files and send faxes while literally driving around. For him that’s a great portable printer – but the other device the student liked would be terrible for him. It wouldn’t print detailed colour graphs or pie charts or whatever else he needed. The student had a comparatively cheap wireless portable printer.

That’s the point I’m trying to make with A4 sized wireless mobile printers – they’re a niche product that caters for everyone’s requirements. Whether that’s a portable photo printer as I stated above, or in fact a simple, compact black and white.. or the ‘do it all device’. That’s why I enjoy the topic of wireless portable printers. It isn’t about buying the ‘best’ device – it’s about buying what’s right for you. If you don’t need a printer with all the accessories then you don’t have to buy it, all you need to do is carefully research and look at your printing patterns. When you print, what you print, is it in colour or black and white and so fourth. From here you can determine what type of printer you need, and with a little market research find the device that was meant for you, this is how you find a great portable printer.

Setting up a one of the best wireless portable printer  devices may be beneficial both on the move as well as at home. This may not sound realistic as of course the main reason for this printer is both its wireless and portable aspects. But as most of these printers are of the standard akin to most desktop printers, then why not use it your device for both purposes?

At home, all you need to do is either set up a wireless printer servers or attach your printer to your home wireless network. This means that when you need something printing you simply have to be connected to your network and print away. Although when on the go the device runs of its battery, it works perfectly fine simply plugged into the mains electricity. So what you have in effect is a printer that can perform both outdoors and indoors. This really is very useful, because simply put, it’s killing two birds with one stone. It allows, for example, Wireless HP Printers to be used not only for outdoor purposes while working, but also for use at home. This may not seem like a big deal to many people, but when for a very similar price you can get a printer which can physically move about it means a lot.

For example…

A man, may only use the portable aspect of the printer rarely, with possibly the wireless attributes quite often. But although he isn’t getting as much out of the printer as some people, the fact that it is portable means that when he does in fact need to take it on the go he has the choice to do so.


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