Best Mobile Printers of 2011 List

When it comes to making a list of the best portable printers of 2011 you’ll find this a short, but certainly comprehensive list.  There are just a few things you need to understand first…


The first is that the only manufacturer’s to make this list is Canon and HP – no, this isn’t because I’m lazy.  It’s because you need to realize that only these two companies are large enough to support producing of inkjet technology based printers.

  • You will find a few companies which are producing consumer targeted thermal printers, but just remember these can’t print color, they’re slow and expensive.  The vast majority of consumers don’t want this product – which brings us to below…

Canon’s flagship mobile printer:

Canon PIXMA iP100

  • The highest color printing resolution of all portable printing devices and double that of HP’s OfficeJet 100.
  • It’s the only inkjet based device out of both HP and Canon to ever have an external Bluetooth which is mountable within the device.  All others stick out at angles making them easy to knock out, as well as meaning they need to be packed away every time you pack up.
  • Laboratory photographs, infrared in-built and PictBridge enabled.

HP OfficeJet 100

  • The fastest printer out of all other devices, slightly faster than even the iP100 which is one of the fastest.
  • Compatible with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Palm OS for printing from mobile devices.
  • Complete USB flash drive support allowing printing from various flash drives such as the Kingston 1GB DataTraveler

Why are there no other devices on this ‘list’?

HP and Canon only produce a new device every 2-3 years and these are always (historically and certainly true at the present):

  • Superior in specifications, whether in resolution, compatibility or wireless capabilities.
  • Cheaper in price (surprising I know) due to wider distribution and increased production resulting in lower net costs for individual item production.
  • More reliable; especially when compared to the earlier forerunners to mobile printing which were plagued with numerous hardware issues regarding their working parts and the paper feeders.

Who do we recommend?  We suggest the Canon iP100 – don’t take out word for it though, reading reviews and visiting the manufacturer’s website for in-depth specifications is critical for a broad dominion of knowledge.

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