The Best Mobile Printers – My Top Rated and Recommended Devices!

When it comes to finding the best portable printer then checking out their reviews is critical, there are reviews and guides of every single one of these devices for the last 10-12 years on this website.  Every single one.  There are perhaps only around 50 – but you get the point, right?  Find out more below.

When you’re looking to buy a device which is as expensive as these intrinsically are, you need to be fully aware of what you’re getting.  It’s not good enough to just check out the printer’s specifications and move on from there.  The truth is that when it comes to this sort of transportable device there’s a much greater chance of them breaking.  Most of these devices have moving parts which when moved themselves are far more prone to breaking than if they’d been sitting stationary at a desk like most desktop printers are.  Thermal based devices are one of the few types which don’t have moving parts (usually it’s the inkjet head), but unfortunately they only make up a fraction of the overall consumer market.  They’re far more common in retail – for example receipt or ticket printers, but these aren’t by any means the majority – and seeing as this is aimed more at consumers you won’t find much help here about them.

Looking at the specifications tells you what the device is capable, but checking reviews on price comparisons websites as well as the larger online merchants such as is a great way of finding out whether you’re getting something worthwhile or something that’s going to be a drain of time, money, effort and most importantly your soul – you try chatting on the phone to a HP customer ‘support’ line for 4-5 hours and see how you feel.

One of the most important things when looking to find the best mobile printer is to see if there are any problems with the paper feeder.  These used to be endemic throughout all of the big companies and their products.  The issue has been reduced in size but don’t think for one second that you’re out of the woods because the truth is these problems still pop up all the time.  Without the paper feeder working your printer can be useless.  You could get lucky and just have to feed the paper through one at a time, but some people report completely loss of function as the paper inside clogs and is unable to work.

You also need to check on how movable your printer is, if you’re going to buy something which is theoretically transportable you need to make sure its physical dimensions and weight are something you can manage.  When you’re looking at weight make sure by looking on the manufacturer’s website if the weight given is with/without the batter, AC adapter and so on – in most incases you’ll find they provide the base weight – even without ink cartridges.

Checking the physical dimensions (usually in inches) is also important for buying a bag to hold it in, or making sure it’ll fit into what you already have.  These can also be found on their websites, and again you need to make sure these figures aren’t distorted by the addition or removal of the battery.

Finally I’d just say you need to make sure the reviews you read are real ones, Amazon’s very good at providing reviews by ‘real people’ because they have two verification options to make sure the person’s actually bought the product (from Amazon) and that the name given is their real name (decreases chance of fraud).

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