Best A4 Portable Printer for Laptops Review

If you’re trying to find the best A4 sized mobile printer for use with laptops then this review is just what you’ve been looking for.  Find out more below/,


There are really two main options if you’re looking for this type of portable printer that you need to look out for.

Thermal based printers are good for certain people in certain situations, but I probably wouldn’t say they’re for everyone.  If you’re a student and you need a device to print of work while you’re in the library or between classes then they’ll be perfect for you.  If you’re anyone who needs absolute transportability without having to haul around something unmanageable then they most certainly need to be looked into.  They offer a very small size which is directly comparable to that of a laptop battery aside from being just long enough to print A4 sized paper.  They’re just a few inches thick and deep and all of this culminates into a product which is movable and easily so.

There are most certainly a number of downsides to this, but first of all I’d just like to say the product I’m referring to is the Brother PocketJet 6.  At the moment I consider it the latest and best in terms of advanced thermal technology, printing speeds and featured resolution figures.  Ultimately however it does have the disadvantages of having lower printing speeds as well as resolution amounts in dots per inch.  They’re not suitable for color printing and are purely for crisp black and white text – certainly not for trying to impress your clients with bright colorful graphs and charts.  Strictly for work!

The next ‘Best’ mobile printer I’m going to talk about is the Canon PIXMA iP100 and again I do very much think this is probably the best wireless mobile printer suited for most people.

It’s wireless capable allowing for an external Bluetooth adapter, and it’s perfectly designed to be used with laptops.  However unlike all thermal based devices it can print incredibly high resolutions, 600 dpi for monochrome laser-like crisp text and 9600 x 2400 dots per inch for ultra high resolution photos.  What’s more is that this ‘best’ portable printer also prints much faster too.  Furthermore it allows for PictBridge via the PTP (Printer Transfer Protocol) which means you can connect a PictBridge enabled camera via a standard two-way usb transfer cable (old school) into the printer’s usb port.  This allows for printing with a computer, note book or any middle man device.

But as you will have guessed this certainly does have its downsides too.  Although it can do a lot of great things and print to A5 size and in near high definition quality, these benefits don’t help when its portability is reviewed.

Ultimately it’s meant to be a portable printer and this means that it should have two main ingredients.  A low weight and small physical dimensions.  It’s better than average when compared with other inkjet devices that’s for sure – but in the grand scheme of thing it still weighs around 5 pounds which is triple that of the PJ 6 I mentioned above.  It’s also vastly bigger in terms of size, and whereas its slighter competitors are more comparable to a laptop battery, it’s more comparable to the laptop itself (albeit a small one).

You should look into which you want – but in both categories I’ve provided the ‘best’ mobile printer to use with a laptop.  It’s up to you to decide whether you want to opt for a mini thermal printer with reduced printing specifications or go for a larger device with printing capabilities.

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