Magical Battery Printers with WiFi and Bluetooth

Interested in mini sized printers with a battery to use… wherever and whenever? There’s a whole world of portable printing devices which you’ve probably never heard of, and I’m going to quickly go over what you need to know and what’s right for you.

The first thing I’m going to point out right away is that you need to be aware that all of the printers I’m going to mention do not come with their batteries included. Everyone single one.

Unless you buy them together then I’ll warn you now that you need to buy them seperately or as a set. Amazon and the other cheap online retailers do not particularly make this clear, so I’ve decided to.

The most popular device to this date (and the one which I promote on the sidebar of my website because it well… kicks ass) is the iP100 by Canon.

I’d recommend checking out some Amazon reviews of the iP100 here.

Mobile Printing with Battery Printers


So what’s the big deal about the Canon PIXMA iP100 huh? Well let’s forget that it’s the most popular, cheapest device with the highest specifications, reviews and portability.

  • Oh wait, let’s not. That’s right. It’s the most purchased device – ever. It’s 50 dollars cheaper than its main competitor (HP’s OJ 100).

While being both more popular and cheaper it also has the highest specifications. Its resolution is higher, its size is smaller, its weight is less and the reviews are superior.

Across the board this is a perfect printer to use for laptops, smartphones and even iPads. It’s perfect for use on a car or even a plane. But it’s pretty high tech looking so don’t get mistaken for a terrorist.

  • The only reason not to buy this netbook sized miniture miracle if perhaps if you have a strong dislike of Japanese products.

Aside from that it’s both an affordable and durabled mobile printer which is perfectly suited to businessmen, lawyers and even students.

Its A4 size printing is cherry on the cake. It’s a real winner. Let’s not forget the WiFi and Bluetooth wireless options for us tech savvy rocket ship sailors, okay?

You can find out more on my review of the Canon iP100 Bluetooth Printer here.

What’s HP’s Battery-Powered Alternative?


I don’t want anyone to ever accuse me of not being impartial. If you go right ahead and buy the iP100 Amazon then sure I make 4% – but I make that if you go and buy the OJ 100 too – and it’s worth more too.

The HP OfficeJet 100 is a great product. Its got good battery-life. A solid contruction – and almost everything that the iP100 has.

The fact is that it’s just slightly worse in almost every single respect. Its resolution isn’t as good, it has one star less on the ratings ratings on Amazon, it’s heavier, it’s chunkier… it’s just not as good. That’s the truth right there.

The only advantage it has is a slightly faster printing speed. Which is great but adding a few pages per minute when they’re both already very fast isn’t exactly the biggest improvement which HP could have made.

It’s worth mentioning that HP’s device is much newer than Canon’s too. The iP100 was released around 3 years ago whereas the OJ 100 just one year ago.

So newer… and worse. Congratulations HP.

Wireless Portable Printers


Checking out my super amazing homepage which is focused on portable printers is a great place to find out everything you need to know about these products.

It’s actually a very complicated topic and the truth is it took me months and months to get to grips with all the technology and products on offer.

I would say that Canon makes the best portable printers and always has done. HP has followed closely but never quite catching up.

  • You’ll also definitely be interested in the printers by Brother. These are the most lightweight and portable products on the market due to their thermal technology.

Instead of using an inkjet head which takes up a lot of space and requires a lot of open space they’re much more compact and durable. They’re last for a hell of a long time, plus they’re also much cheaper in the long run because you don’t need to keep buying ink cartridges.

Their latest device is the PJ 6 Plus which is A4 sized and has black and white only printing. The black and white (monochrome) printing is necessary because of the thermal diodes being unable to print color.

It’s perfect for in-the-field type work or simply for professionals who need black and white printing. That doesn’t mean that the quality isn’t very good, only that you’re not going to impress people with your black and white pictures.

  • If you want a color devices then you’ll have to go with the two main inkjet devices by Canon and HP which I linked above.

These are by far the most popular but instead of being the size of a laptop battery and A4 in length such as the PocketJet 6 Plus, they’re closer to the size of a notebook or laptop apart from being double as thick.

You could carry them around for a few hours but you’d get sick of them pretty quick – especially because you’ll probably have your laptop with you too.

Ok I’m done with my highly informative super article. I hope you found out something you didn’t know before. If you didn’t then perhaps you should read it twice to make sure everything absorb into your noggin properly.

Sorry. It’s 3AM.


Good night and feel free to contact me for further information.

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