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Basic Wireless Portable Printer models are rare to find for several reasons.  Firstly as a general rule of thumb, most wireless portable printers cost quite a lot for several reasons.  Interested?  Read below to find out more..!

You see basic wireless portable printers are hard to come by, now let me explain why.  You see, havin a portable printer which is wireless is sort of like having the best of the best.  You’re taking an already costly device and you’re getting the best ‘add on’ if you like.  This means that if you’re getting the best add on, which would be its wireless abilities, you’ll get all the previous extras.  Let me explain.

You see portable printers work up from cheap to expensive in a scale.  Cheaper ones won’t print in color, and they’ll have shorter battery lifes and so on.  This moves all the way up to expensive portable printers that have print in color, can fax and so on.  This means that when you get an expensive portable printer, you’re getting all the extras and add ons that cost more.  Now the final end of the ‘expensive’ spectrum is the wireless add on, meaning that you can use bluetooth to print wire-free.  But this means, that before you get to wireless, it’ll be assumed that you want color and so on, that you want all the other extras.

This means that a basic wireless portable printer will already have all of the extras that stack onto the cost.  Furthermore, since basic printers are the cheaper ones, it’s rare to find a wireless portable printer that is both cheap, yet comes with all the ‘extras’.

Finding budget mobile printers…


This all culminates in a difficult experience for someone who’s trying to buy a cheap wireless portable printer, simply because they’re few and far between.  It becomes almost impossible, because it’s very hard to buy a cheaper printer that has all extra already attached.  It certainly isn’t impossible though, and it is possibly to buy these devices on sites such as Ebay, or just second hand in general.

One thing I should point out though when buying a device such as a portable printer is that you want to make sure the model actually works when you buy it.  You don’t want to be spending months of your time trying to get a refund for some faulty hardware.  Just a warning.

We call it the WPP Experience


Finding the mobile printer is difficult, there are a lot of things to consider, and these all vary based on your situation and what you need printing.

This is why WPP is dedicated to providing you with relevant up to date information.  Visit WPP for guides on what’s right for you to buy, as well as a unique support system for free help.


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