Looking for cheap but effective Basic Mobile Printer models?

Basic Mobile Printer models tend to be portable printers that generally don’t come with all the extra that more costly mobile printers do. This means that although they have reduced functions, this is more then made up for by their lack of cost.

A basic portable printer will tend to be smaller, less expensive, weigh less and be capable of less things when constrasted with more wireless portable printer models.  This means that they’re ideal for people that need a printer that they can move around, but who also have a budget.  One of the things that iconised portable printers in the past were that they seemed only for the rich.  Some of these devices could cost in excess of $1000 if you were buying the expensive portable printer units.

This meant that even though some people definitely did need printing that was mobile, they were somewhat restricted in buying one because of the high prices. But, as with all technology, over time this price has gone down to just a few hundred dollars. This puts portable printing units right in the range of a lot of people who can afford them now, who previously couldn’t. This means, that businessmen and executives were the only people who could generally dish out the money to buy one. However now, with such a reduced price, most people could afford a basic mobile printer if they wanted one.

Basic portable printers tend to only print in black and white, this is because color ink tanks and hardware cost quite a bit more to add when opposed to just having black and white. Some people would see this as a definite negative, and although it’s true that when given the choice of two. Most people would opt for color, what you have to remember is that you’re not just getting a substantial price reduction, you’re also getting a size reduction. This means that now your portable printer doesn’t need all the extra bits of hardware needed for printing color. Which in turn means that you’re printing is smaller and weigh less. Now, if applies to a normal printer this would be meaningless, be considering the whole idea of these printers are centred around portability then it’s a completely different ball game.

What I also think is important to remember, is that although it’s true that it may only print in black and white. The vast majority of people buying a basic wireless portable printer, will almost certainly already have a color desktop printer with which to use. This mens that people would still be able to print color of their desktop printer. Clearly this wouldn’t be ‘portable printing’, but rememb

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