Hello, we get asked a lot who exactly we are and what we stand to gain from our website seeing as we don’t sell anything.  The truth is when it comes to printing – wireless and portable printing in particular there’s not just a lot of misinformation there’s not that much information at all.  As someone who has grown up repairing printers and consider themselves somewhat of a printer connoisseur (printer nerd), it was pretty frustrating for me to see people on websites such as Amazon or on blog posts talking about their frustrating and things not turning out how they expected.  Perhaps there was a problem and they couldn’t fix it, but a lot of the time the questions were more “what’s right for me?”.  So what’s the problem?

The problem is it can be very difficult for people who have little or no printer knowledge to be able to know what they want and incorporate it into their lifestyle.  It’s much easier with stationary printers because they’re designed for desktop computers and the compatibility issues are few fewer.  On the other hand when you look at portable printers, wireless ones – or a combination of the two a whole host of issues pop up.  Some people want their wireless portable printer to work with their PDA or their smart phone – well is it compatible?  How are you going to transfer the data, infrared, Bluetooth or a wireless access point?  Will you be using HP’s ePrint service or anything that doesn’t correspond to printing norms?  What drivers are you going to download?  How do you install them?  Where can you find out?

As you can see it’s unfortunately not always as simple as just buying a printer, going through some easy installation wizard and everything’s done.  There’s a lot to consider when it comes down to it.  It’s not just the connectivity with regards to the wireless interfaces, but dots per inch, printing speeds or which type of printer – inkjet/laser/thermal to purchase?

So what’s right for you?

Well firstly you need to ask yourself where you’re going to be printing because that dictates how portable you need your printer to be.  If you’re just going to be carrying it from hotel room to business conference or leaving it in the car then you don’t need anything especially small and lightweight.  In this case I’d recommend going for either a HP or Canon printer for several reasons.  Firstly they’re very functional and have both the core and secondary functions you’d expect of any desktop printer.  On the other hand they can’t be particularly described as ‘portable’ because even though they are smaller than their stationary counterparts they’re way to big for any true mobility as well as weighing from 5-10 pounds.

If you need something ultra-portable – something which can fit in a deep pocket or in your bag which is lightweight too then you’re definitely going to have to purchase a thermal printer.  Thermal printers don’t use ink and have few to no moving parts which makes them both compact and also less likely to break.  These two things are obviously great for printing but HP/Canon don’t produce thermal printers that are for non-commercial uses (receipt printers for example) and I would suggest looking towards Brother for thermal printers.

As you can see there are lots of different scenarios which drastically alter the options involved, and if you don’t know about printers you’re going to have a tough time.  So navigate through our website using the header navigation bars and we hope you find what you’re looking for, if not check out out Contact page.