A4 Sized Mini Mobile Printers for Lawyers

Lawyers are interesting creatures, I’ve personally never understood one of these ‘lawyers’ but the one thing which they always seem to need and have is work – specfically printed sheets of documentation.  Their busy life styles make it difficult for them to always have a printer at hand and therefore it seemed appropriate to take a look at mini mobile printers for lawyers which are capable of A4 sized printing.

Let’s first take a look at what lawyers need printing.  Generally color printing is not necessary whatsoever and therefore I would suggest that both black and white and color mobile printers are acceptable.  Both have their advantages and drawbacks.  I’d also suggest that in terms of connectivity from their laptop or ‘information device’ such as smart phone or net book that they would prefer a wireless connection but also that USB would suffice.  Let’s take a gander at the options below for ye lawyers shall we?

Brothers PocketJet mobile printers series are perfect for lawyers


If you’re interested in black and white only printing from a mobile printer my lawyer friends then I would suggest taking a look at Brother’s PocketJet series.  The PocketJet printers were originally owned by Pentax but has since been bought out and re branded as Brother’s (at your side!).  Essentially the benefits are its incredibly small size (similar in size to a larger banana [but straight] and yes I couldn’t think of a better point of reference) and Bluetooth connectivity.  The standard PocketJet models do not come with Bluetooth but they can be purchased with an internal adapter inside.  The downsides to having such a mobile printing are its relatively low printing speed, its slightly larger cost and finally its lack of WiFi connectivity.  You can find out more about the mini A4 PocketJet mobile printers here and find out which is best for you.  Basically for most people the ‘PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth’ (I know it’s a mouthful… literally) is going to be the best option, the other options are more basic but cheaper.  It depends what you big shot lawyers want.

Personally I think that the PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth is the best option for lawyers because of its increased resolution plus wireless capabilities.  On the other hand if you’re strapped for the cash then the difference between the Plus and non Plus version is 300 dpi versus 200 dpi respectively so it’s not too much of a big deal.  The Bluetooth is specifically useful when you’re out and about because most laptops and smart phones have Bluetooth so printing is very easy and you don’t need to both with those darned USB cables.

An older but cheaper A4 black and white mobile printer


Not everyone has the 300-500 dollars for one of the Pocket Jet printers which I mentioned above.  On the other hand there are plenty of alternatives out there.  For example you can buy an older mini a4 portable printer for just 150-200 dollars if you’re willing to go retro.  You essentially have two options.  You’re either buying a refurbished mini portable printer or a used mini portable printer.  There are perhaps a few ‘new’ old devices which were designed and manufactured around 5-10 years ago but these are actually incredibly expensive for some reason.

When you’re looking to buy this kind of mini mobile printer you need to get yourself over to Amazon.com and do a search for mobile printers and check out the lowest priced ones.  I’ve seen some printers selling for as little as 100 dollars so there are definitely a lot of bargains out there.  I would hazard a guess however that some are not going to work well or obviously arrive looking kind of trashy so this is definitely a logistical purchased instead of a self-gratification pretty product purchase.  Anyhow, lawyers need to print out a lot of work as part of their job, and if you’re a lawyer with a printer in the car then good on you because that’s how the professionals do it.  I kid you not.

Larger and more expensive portable printers… with some serious benefits


If you’re looking for a larger portable printer or an expensive portable printer then you either want one for your car or you’re a muscular lawyer.  Either way there are lots of great options out there for both alternatives.

If you are a lawyer who wants a printer for his car then you’ll either need a battery printer or a regular desktop printer which has a power converted plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter.  Personally I would opt for the printer with a battery because they’re much smaller and just as functional – however for some their cost may be prohibitively expensive and you can expect to pay at least 300-400 dollars once you include the battery, ink cartridges and wireless adapters.  Ultimately however I do think that lawyers would benefit from a battery printer the most because it would allow them to not only use it in their car but to carry it around with them with ease.  They’re not as small as the Pocket Jet series I talked about above but they’re similar in size to a very thick and large book.  Like Harry Potter but wider.

If you want a desktop printer in your car you’ll definitely save on money but increase the time spent plus probably get frustrated too.  Time is money so you need to ask yourself whether it’s worth your time.  I do think that for many people it’s a good alternative because the truth is that nowadays you can buy a printer for 50-100 dollars, and if you stick it in your car and power it via a power adapter going from your car’s cigarette lighter the total cost is only going to be around 100-150 dollars maximum.  Of course the limitations with this method are the lack of wireless printing (unless you want to get a standalone wireless router or you have a smart phone capable of creating a wireless access point) plus the inability to use it anywhere without a proper power source.  Plus they’re usually really big and clunky.  Also one last thought – they’re not designed for the rough and tumble of a vehicle whereas mobile printers are designed to be more rugged and durable – they can survive a bump or two.

ePrint… a good alternative for mobile printing for lawyers


Why bother with your own printer at all?  HP’s ePrint allows for you to email the documents you want printing to the 25,000 or so ePrint printer shops.  You don’t just need to print at a shop you can in fact buy your own ePrint printer and put it in your office.  This means that whenever you want to print you simply email the document to the printer’s assigned email address.  Assuming it’s both turned on and connected to a wireless network then you’re good to go.

I think ePrint would be particularly useful for lawyers because the rise of both smart phones and cloud computer allows for a constant tracking of information.  Lets say you finish one contract.  It gets uploaded instantly to the cloud storage center of your choice.  Two days later you desperately realize you need to print it out on the way to work.  You simply whip out your smart phone, access the cloud, download the file and then email it as an attachment to your ePrint printer’s email address.  Simple.  Lawyers need simple printing right?

Thanks for reading.

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