A few things about the best mobile printers

When you’re looking to purchase what people consider to be the best of the portable printers then there are a few main things you need to consider if you want to make the right purchase.  Find out more below.

One of the first important things you need to look at is the printing mechanism you want it to use.  These are just two to choose from and each have their advantages and disadvantages which I’ll quickly explain.

Inkjet’s are some of the best portable printers and have quicker printing speeds and much higher resolution figures.  This allows rapid monochrome printing of around 15 ppm and color at 5-8 ppm (on average).  They’re also photo printers (all within the last 5 years) meaning that you can print out a high resolution photograph in a variety of different sizes every 2 minutes.

The downsides are that they have moving parts and a large main body.  The moving parts (the inkjet head) cause a problem because they’re more susceptible to taking damage.  The empty space within the printer where the inkjet head moves horizontally along is also prone to jamming, even the best wireless portable printer in an environment of dust or smoke particulates will sustain detrimental build up over time.

The large size of the device itself won’t be an issue for a lot of people but just consider that these are specifically designed to be transportable.  If you want to have something ultra lightweight which you can constantly carry around with you and which won’t burden you whether in size or mass then you’re out of luck.  On average they weigh around 4-6 pounds, and their size is similar to that of a note book aside from being twice as thick.

The next printing mechanism is thermal based designs which are much the opposite of inkjet ones.  Their advantages are their compact design and lightweight.  They are so small they’re comparable to a laptop battery; they’re just an inch or so longer than a sheet or letter/A4 size paper.

They’re just a few inches thick which means they can fit into the smallest of gaps.  Their weight is around 1-1.4 pounds which obviously makes them more than portable because they take very little effort to keep in a bag all day seeing as they take up practically no room and they weight next to nothing.

Furthermore their transportability is further increased by the lack of ink cartridges which need to be carried around, paper (theirs is stored in rolls inside), and wireless adapters (internal ones unavailable to inkjet designs).

However where these thermal mobile printers are let down is in their actual printing capabilities.  To cut a long story short their highly movable nature is let down by poor printing resolutions of up to 300 dots per inch, as well as very slow printing speeds of 6 pages per minute.

If you’re looking for the best mobile printers then I suggest you go with an inkjet design because frankly they’re the best.  Sure enough they’re bulkier and weigh more but ultimately that’s nothing compared to the luscious quality color charts and crisp black text you will surely impressed clients and work colleagues with.  If you want this for personal use then believe me when I say that you’ll have no problems impressing people when you print of your holiday photos in front of them!

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