A couple of places a wireless mobile printer will come in handy…

When it comes to mobile printers which can utilize wireless interfaces to enable wire free data transfer there are a number of situations and places where they will come in handy.  Find out more below.

To start with I tend to find that businessmen are the people who want this type of device the most.  There are a few reasons for this and its either for travelling to business projects that are far away from their office and home printers – or in their day to day lives where they could go back to their home/office to print of the work but would much rather save time.

Going to business meetings, exhibitions or conferences are a very popular use of this device.  Generally you’ll find that desktop printers are far too big and prone to breaking if taken on long distances.  On the other hand these compact printers are specifically designed to reduce the amount of damage inflicted.  Just remember that the first versions were generally just scaled down stationary designs, and these had moving parts which weren’t designed for the bumps and bruises which ultimately come with travelling.

Whereas mobile printers which are specifically designed to be movable the chances of them sustaining damage is far less.  The damage mainly occurs in two difference areas, the moving inkjet head or the paper feeder.  Malfunctions in either of these can completely stop the model from working if they’re serious enough.  If the inkjet head can move back and forth horizontally across the page then it’s unable to print at all.  If it’s damage or is misaligned then you’ll end up with text and pages which are not all straight.  Problems with the paper feed can be as minor as two sheets coming through at a time, or perhaps each sheet needing to be fed through manually.  Or problems can arise with the sheet feeder clogging which can completely stop things from working.  In many of the older HP and Canon inkjet printers the problem was very much that paper clogging issues would start and then become worse and worse overtime until they it malfunctioned permanently.

One unexpected place which you might find this type of wireless transportable printer is when you’re on holiday.  All of the latest devices created by Canon/HP (who are the only ones who produce inkjet mobile printers at all) are able to print high resolution photographs.  These are possible in a number of different media sizes from as small as business cards, to your average 4 by 6 inch photos and can be as large as full sheets of A4/Letter paper.  It’s really up to you as to what to print but it adds a level of versatility to the devices which has only been seen in recent years.  They’re no longer just for people who want them purely for black text work related activities.  They’re for professional people that need crisp laser-quality black text one minute, color graphs and chart the next minute, and then a group photograph of the team the afterwards too!

All walks of life can utilize this type of a device to save time, and saving time is saving money.  Don’t waste petrol, time and energy driving back to your office or home to print – leave a printer in the car.  They can be powered by cigarette lighter chargers so you’ll never run out of power, and because a car has plenty of room you can store paper and ink cartridges if your needs dictate as such.  The possibilities are endless.

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