Printstik Mobile Printer (One of the Smallest A4 Sized Devices)

Printstik mobile printer devices are taking the west by storm.  Take a look at the printer below, the ‘printstik’ which is incredibly small and truly is revolutionary.  I genuinely don’t think I’ve seen a printer so small and lightweight.  It can literally be carried in a pocket, and easily in a bag or laptop for convenience.  It is useful on so many different levels for all types of mobile portable wireless printing.

Printstik mobile printer information is scarce to say the least.  But hopefully this article on the device can help you in deciding if one is right for you.  First thing you need to ask yourself is whether you actually need or will use one.  For example, if you have a job that requires very little printing than the obvious answer is no.  If you have a job with lots of printing, it may be yes, but not if it’s in a stationary environment.  This means that working in an office and delivering paper from one place to another probably doesn’t require one.  It does come into use when your job entails travelling, either abroad or locally, as well as printed paper delivery.  This means that a doctor visiting a patient in their house can pull our his laptop and Printstik mobile printer and print of the required forms needed.  It has so many work-based applications.

You see prices and useful information about the PlanON PS here.

PrintStik Portable Printer

It could be used by a lawyer to print of important forms than and there.  Or by a carer or social service workers when tending a patient or case.  But it’s not only work purposes that it can handle, it can also be used for many sociable reasons.  For example going on holiday to a foreign country to meet relatives, and managing to print of the photo pictures then and there because you have your printer (although I’d recommend portable photo printers which are specifically designed for this).  In other words, for work of pleasure, you have complete control and freedom of printing when and where you want.

How does the PrintStik work?


Well PrintStik uses thermal printer mechanisms which means that unlike laser/inkjet designs there are no moving parts.  This has two significant effects the first being that they’re far more reliable because if you’re constantly moving around a piece of equipment which itself has moving parts such as by HP you’re far more likely to encounter break downs.  Secondly thermal printers are combatively very small because they have no moving parts nor do they use ink.

These two things make them absolutely perfect for true portable printing because you have a device which is far less likely to brake and far smaller.  The portability aspects of many devices such as by the big two producers HP and Canon seem very limited and they’re not the size or weight which makes carrying them in your bag or a deep pocket a really workable solution.  It’s just not feasible to be carrying around a 10 pound printer with you, and they’re not smaller either.  On the other hand the PrintStik units are just 1.5 pounds which makes them very light and more than portable.  They’re 11 inches long which is just a little longer than your average sheet of A4 paper which again makes them far more reasonable choices for carrying around with you.

PrintStik Mobile Printer

PrintStik Mobile Printer

If you’re travelling to stay somewhere work-related for a few months then I would suggest getting a larger, more advanced (and costly) HP/Canon alternative.  If on the other hand you want true portable printing out at job sites where you can literally just take your printer out of your pocket/bag, plug it in to your laptop/smart phone (or connect it wire-free via Bluetooth of course) and get printing this is for you.  This is a real mobile printer, for real printing in the field where lugging around a massive device just isn’t plausible.

PrintStik Portable Printer

PrintStik Portable Printer

Printstik mobile printer units are truly amazing, take a look below and you can tell from the A4 sheet of paper how incredibly small and compact it is.  Never has printing been made more efficient or easier.  But what makes this a really good device for me, is that you might expect the quality of the printed paper to be reduced.  This could not be further from the truth, as the paper printed by the machine are easily on par with almost all other stationary printers.  It is very light and so can be literally carried around in your pocket, not only that, but it is not even very expensive as it costs generally around £200 to bag yourself one of these wireless portable printer models.

Does the PlanOn PrintStik work with the iPad


This is a question I get asked all the time so let me deal with it in a way which everyone will understand.  No.  Absolutely not.  The PrintStik won’t work with the iPad.  The PlanOn PrintStik is not compatible with the iPad in anyway.  It’s not compatible with the iPad 1 or 2 and it won’t be compatible with the 3rd either.  It’s barely compatible with anything, it only works with blackberrys sending them text messages and that’s pretty useless.  The iPad doesn’t work with the PrintStik.  Got it?

Now believe me, I wish it did work with the iPad.  That would be damn cool.  But the Bluetooth function is only useful for laptops and notebooks.  It can’t even operate with most smart phones apart from the blackberry I mentioned.  It’s pretty much useless in that respect but if you’re going to look at some really limited and useless technology then check out Apple’s iPad.  PlanOn doesn’t have the resources to make their printer compatible with everyone else’s devices, and nobody cares enough about such a niche mobile printer to work it out for them.  Apple doesn’t have this excuse for their iPhone or iPad.  They clearly have the resources to open up the Bluetooth on their devices but knowingly choose to limit certain capabilities.  It really is a pity.

So no.  It doesn’t work.  Stop asking me.  I keep telling everyone and so I decided to update the bottom of this page in the hopes people will actually read this information.  The Bluetooth is only useful for laptops and notebooks – and not the iPad, iPhone or any other cool but incredibly limited product which Apple decides to churn out.

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